Monday, June 28, 2010


The basic message of our video was to share the idea that once you have experienced an Europe mobility you actually create a new family, a family that you keep forever even when you go back to your home country. Somehow you don't longer feel just a citizen of your country but also European. Traveling and living in different countries of Europe help you create an European citizenship feeling and an European family.

Some footage of the video "We are family and our family is Europe" was filmed in a old and dark basement. The idea was to put in contrast an old
place, maybe vintage, and young people that strongly believe in Europe as a family. In other words, the point was to say that despite Europe is, in fact, an old continent, inside, its soul -its heart - is young, powerful and creates an impact in everyone. To do so we used many speeches -given by different people and downloaded with permission from the EU database- which in combination with the gorgeous images from the Europe database archive worked as the base of our message. The final touch? Background sounds consisting of voices of Europeans and classic camera shutter sounds -also available in the database- to "picture" our European family.

Some people say that we are the old world ... my secret? what I think? We are family and my family is Europe!!

Share the secret!!! Keep the family together!!!

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